The first

I’ve always been passionate. Some call it stubborn, maybe strong-willed… But, I’m going to stick with passionate. I’m also a tad non-confrontational. And have always been scared to stand up too tall for any cause – just in case I don’t know all the facts, or can’t back up my position – but most of all, I hate offending people. These days I’m learning a balance – being passionate, while being respectful of other’s positions. Maybe listening a little more. And, I’m also noticing… I’m talking a little more, too.

So I started a blog. Daughter of a Trucker. It doesn’t begin to explain the many hats I wear these days, but it’s one of my favorites – always has been. My dad farmed from when he was a kid, and started a trucking business with his brother Gene when I was 3 years old. So, Agriculture – and all aspects of it – was my life since I was young. I love it, and it’s still my life today. I will pass on this love to my daughters – 3 of them!

I know I’ll have lots to write about, to talk about: Oregon’s agriculture, trucking issues, family business, FAMILY, daughters, marriage, farming, international business, volunteerism, straw baling, my AMAZING husband, travels, the importance of community, coaching volleyball, my friend Jesus, hard-work, politics, being a mom!!, and maybe a little bit about coffee. 😉

But, for now, I’ll end with: Hi, my name’s Shelly, and I’m a daughter of a trucker. Dad and I

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